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Sleep Better with Cashmere Baby Blanket (comes in Queen and King size for big people too)

Our Himalayan cashmere baby blanket is an heirloom-quality gift to welcome a baby into the world, hand-loomed in the natural fibers of Himalayan cashmere. When we discovered what an amazing job the Nepali artisans could do with our full size blankets, we had our workshop in Nepal weave a cashmere baby blanket to add to our assortment of luxe handwoven throws and blankets. We weren’t disappointed. It turned out to be every bit as soft and cozy as the larger versions, with an extra helping of adorable.

We’d been waiting for a baby to come along here in our local circles of friends, to feature with our baby blanket in a photo shoot. We scored twice over when Victoria Webb — a local award-winning photographer — gave birth to her first child, daughter Octavia.

Victoria is known widely for her ability to put her clients at ease and capture perfect, candid moments in the studio and at events around the region. Who knew that her most challenging assignment would be photographing her own daughter? She found it to be a personal, complex experience unlike any she’s had. Victoria said this about the process and about featuring our cashmere baby blanket in a recent session with Octavia:

Thank you so much for letting me photograph this beautiful product. I’m thrilled to have my daughter be your model! I did find out through this experience that it was the hardest thing to photograph my own child. Not because she wasn’t photogenic, but as a new mom it was more of a challenge than I realized. Either I was crying or she was crying. When you have in your mind an exact shot and a child is the model you can pretty much expect the opposite will happen and they will do as they please. The best thing I learned from photographing children is to let go, smile and enjoy the ride. Because if you look close enough with a loose grip, they will give you the most amazing moments to capture.

We were so grateful and happy to share the softness of cashmere through this photo shoot. And we can’t get over how cuddly baby Octavia is:


In our own home, we have always focused  and invested in the comfort that quality bedding made with natural fibers can offer. We’re die-hard natural fiber fans and, if a third of our lives is spent sleeping, why not be as comfortable as possible, right?

Leading by example, we added our own Pashm & Co king-sized “cashmere baby blanket” to our bed a while back. It made an instant difference in our sleep quality. Like a baby sleeping in a cloud. The impeccable weave of gentle cashmere fibers in our blanket — one layer in a lasagna of natural fiber bedding goodness — has led to more consistent temperature, a cozy feel, more energy in the morning, and better overall well being. Amazing what good sleep can do for you.

So adding the cashmere baby blanket to our assortment was simple because — shouldn’t every child start life feeling comforted this way?

You really just have to feel this cashmere to know why our customers love it so much. Good news for you — in celebration of Autumn and the changing of the seasons, you can add Pashm & Co. handwoven Himalayan cashmere bliss to your home for half the price — for yourself, a loved one, or maybe a new addition to your family.

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A former Petaluma Vice Mayor and outspoken advocate of Slow Fashion, Tiffany relaunched Pashm & Co in the fall of 2014 with a very simple but important belief — that fashion can be both beautiful and ethical, and can bring prosperity to where it’s needed most in the world. Tiffany holds a Permaculture Design Certificate through Daily Acts and a MA from California Institute of Integral Studies with a focus in Integral Ecology. She is a 2007 Fellow of the Leadership Institute for Ecology and Economy. She frequently speaks on Local Economy and Regenerative Businesses.

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