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Himalayan Bliss…

When you experience the super soft Chyangra cashmere wool, found only in the high mountain plateaus of the Himalayas and ethically hand-woven by Nepali artisans, you will know why our work is so important and why Pashm & Co. is a “must have” among your heirloom garments. Himalayan Bliss.

Every Pashm & Co. bespoke item is handcrafted — never machine woven — and bears the exclusive Chyangra® Pashmina tag. Because your ethical and renewable purchase helps to sustain the Chyangra herds, preserving Himalayan artisanship for future generations, this is a garment that you’ll love and be proud to wear for a lifetime.

NOTE: All CUSTOM orders will ship in January.  In-stock items ship immediately.

Hand Knotting Fringe

A Pashm artisan hand-knotting 3-inch fringe. It takes a whole day to hand knot a wrap. (Photo by HR Downs)