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Handcrafted Cashmere: Explore Pride of Craftsmanship

warping and weaving pashmina


To make handcrafted cashmere the fiber is collected every spring and is spun either by hand or mechanically. Pashm uses both. Due to the irregular supply of yarn, a pure handspun cashmere small or large blanket requires special ordering. To purchase pure handspun cashmere blankets contact us at support[at]pashm.co.
hand weaving and looming

Hand Weaving

Our weaving is all done by hand on looms built specifically to meet our exacting standards. Our master weaver comes from a very long lineage of Mughal craftspeople. Our other weavers are young Nepali-Tibetan artisans who also do all the finishing on our shawls and blankets.


Pot Dying

Each Pashm & Co. piece is individually hand-dyed by our master dyer who has over 40 years experience. We use Sandoz metal-free and azo-free dyes, the most eco-friendly available, and dye in a range of 170 colors.
embroidery at the workshop

Hand Finishing

Each Pashm & Co. blanket, throw, scarf, and shawl is finished with every bit of attention to detail as our fabric, weaves, and dyes. Each strand of our hand-knotted twisted fringe and is hand-knotted takes a full day (!) to complete for one item, and our hand-knotted base fringe gives each piece an equally masculine and feminine look.
sage twill weave himalayan cashmere

Twill Weave

Our basic weave is anything but basic. Hand woven 1-ply or 2-ply cashmere and silk. Simply elegant.
herringbone weave in cashmere by Nepal weavers

Herringbone Weave

A classic herringbone pattern, giving each piece a timeless, sophisticated detail.
toffee cashmere diamond weave

Diamond Weave

Our signature weave, specially invented by our artisans in Nepal. A special loom is used to weave a unique diamond pattern.
box weave himalayan cashmere

Box Weave

Horizontal and vertical weaves combine to form a classic, gingham-like, and almost two-tone pattern.
3 inch hand twisted and knotted fringe

3-inch Fringe

Each piece of fringe is hand-twisted and hand-knotted by artisans—a meticulous detail that takes a day to complete per piece.
one inch base knot fringe

Base-knot Fringe

A single knot at the base of each piece of 1” fringe gives our handcrafted scarves a finishing touch appealing to both women and men.
open fringe

Open Fringe

A short, unknotted fringe , ½” – 1” in length, giving each piece a wispy, organic feel.
cashmere blanket throw satin binding

Satin Binding

The preferred finishing touch for our cashmere blanket throw. Pure hand-dyed satin and customizable width.
two-tone himalayan cashmere stole


Two-tone Weaves

This is a two-toned shawl in our HERRINGBONE design. To make this shawl, silk yarns were dyed TEAL and cashmere yarns were dyed CHOCOLATE, and the piece was then woven. Note that in this unique two-faced weaving technique, the silk is more visible on one side, and the cashmere on the other, creating a two-sided, or two-toned, effect.

For a two-toned shawl of your own, simply select two shades, one from the cashmere group and one from the silk group. Be sure the two colors can be dyed together. Some do not work well. So we’ve created a chart of available color combinations to make it easier on our two-tone silk and cashmere page.

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